Oraura is a team of seasoned professionals in innovation and entrepreneurship who work with clients to generate and assess new business opportunities in a practical and efficient way.

We work for ventures who create elegant solutions to solve big problems through technology applications or innovative business models. We mentor and coach them in their strategic (international) development to accelerate their revenue growth and attract external capital.

We work for established companies looking for innovative ideas to complement their existing portfolio. We pilot corporate venturing processes focused on bringing new technologies, products and services to market (spin-in, spin-out, licensing,...).

We use proven methodologies and processes to analyse our client's situation, draw a road map to generate sustainable business solutions and help transform that vision into action. We run entrepreneurial bootcamps and innovation challenges and are hands-on involved in management and (re)structuring processes.

We move an idea from someone's imagination or from a research lab into a robust business plan and coach the business’ incubation. 

While working with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporates, we stimulate the formation, management and growth of new enterprises and we encourage innovation in new and established companies.

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